evaluating the nutritional adequacy of diets both for
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Academie Xationale de Medicine, in 1852, they could only adduce four or
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PALM BEACH — Vernon B. Astler, M.D.; Richard C. Cavanagh,
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from the outbreak of the epidemic 10 cases in which the eye was
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which every one is familiar, in the following particulars: — 1st. In colour
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very important subject of the constitutional treatment of local diseases.
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participants can be accommodated. Preference in registration will be
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costs and low total efficiency. Today’s modern multidisci-
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abandon all prospect of recovery, while in not a few instances the
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total calories. However, because of side effects and
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of acute tuberculosis published in the Irish Hospital Gazette could not have
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anticoagulants; causal relationship not established.
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ances. Allergic Urticaria, rash, ecchymosis, erythema. Endocrine:
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Get enough relaxation to ease the stress and strain,
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combined state is a life-threatening form of malnutrition
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is believed by Opnolzer to be due to an arrest of the normal vibrations of
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causing increased exhalation and peristaltic action, accompanied by pain
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either at the clinical center, via mail or telephone, or
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PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII PNEUMONITIS Recommended dosage 20 mg'kg trimethoppm
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of salt intake, obesity, physiological and social stress has
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Dr. Morgan said that having met with some cases of inherited constitu-
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compounds which may potentiate action of Valium (diazepam), i.e .
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Trice, M.D.; Harold L. Williamson, M.D.; Woody N. York, M.D.;
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required to report to the House the number of delegates who have
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motion preoperatively was 5° short of neutral to 15° of plantar flexion.
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smoked in cigars than in a pipe is explained by the greater propor-
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This brief outline of existing regulatory organization
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of the uterus and its results, including ulceration, as a consequence of a
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method of bringing the os uteri into view or the uterus within my reach
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of little practical importance, and like some other recent additions to the
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Other specialties selected included: Family Practice, 16; Pediatrics, 12; Anesthesiology, 9; Obstetrics
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rary administration of §1 of extra whiskey, and on the thirteenth day the
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students to school as early as 7:15 and others as late as
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instead of undergoing curative therapy, that patient will
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almost impossible that a death from this agent can occur in the
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Cincinnati Medical School; William McCormick, M.D.,
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the left dilated, but both were insensible to light. The breathing was
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to breast-fed infants. The reason appears to be that solid
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not he exceeded in an attempt to increase the effect . rather, the drug
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