For the Period July 1, 1949, to December 31, 1952, as
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treatment session (contract clinic). 1951 neuropsychiatric
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likely to be limiting to the handicapped person’s
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hibit, entitled “Here’s Your PR Tool Chest,” which
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cream diet and given three whole blood transfusions.
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I which such a prolonged treatment was successfully
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logic services when rendered by or under the supervi-
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supervision. In evaluating actual patient care, the
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direct indication for the use of the antihistarninic
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luxation or arthritis of the sacro-iliac joints causing
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xanthine, and xanthine — are found in the urine in
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spent much time and work to enable the organization
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profession which are altogether right and, if necessary,
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from the fact that in every instance in the Bible, when the
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healed satisfactorily after laparotomy, although no
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sufficient length of time to establish the increased ac-
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lowed rapidly by aphasia and word deafness to a degree
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and measure the amount of strabismus with and with-
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" distemperature of the air," and the type or tendencies of the
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believes that the formulas and other suggestions are
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residence and office available. Box 217, N. Y. St. Jr. Med.
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40. Boniface, K. J., and Brown, J. M.; Anesthesiology
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not believe that 'a vitiated state of the blood prevents the-heal-
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report at the next meeting of this Association, a classification of those
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invited to be present. We took an active interest in
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gress of the United States is again in session. A fierce and
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that this patient suffered either from porphjTia or
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j during the past year. Two members of this subcom-
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“It was noted that digests of some recent Journal^
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apparently useless to its modern possessor, it is legiti-
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make it readily available for reference by physicians,
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five to seven grs. at a dose morning, noon, and night. In
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if the case is to terminate unfavorably, a general aggravation of
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10. Douglas, A. S., and Biggs, R.: Glasgow M. J. 34: 329
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all that can be desired — obliteration of all vari-
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