With great regret we record the death, at the ripe age of

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definite decision on these matters. In order to give the Com-

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of taking the oath without "kissing the book " under the

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the settled residents in London, fcntonville Prison has contributed

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at intervals of tliree days or a week, Mr. Tubby preferred to

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Election q/ Officers. — The result of the ballot was then de-

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lence. Thus, by Plate 84, the surgeon is reminded that the

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sensation and motion. He devotes three chapters to the

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Again, the representatives of the Hospital Sunday Fund

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nature of a ferment, and which has a powerfully glycolytic

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Surgeon-Captain 1. P. Doyle, D.S.O., Madras Establishment, is

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gnosis are far more formidable. The chief ditliculty is with

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warded to Dr. Manges. I think I ouglit to add that my work

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quoted (1876 80) are apparently correct, for Dr. McVail gives exactly the

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There is much diflerence of opinion as to the nature of

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with the interests of the College nor detrimental to the efficiency of the

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drenching with a stream of cold water, are returned, the tops

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parts. Back of tongue much swollen, papilla; large and

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from phthisis and ascites, for which he was tapped twenty-

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