attacked with all the symptoms of pleuro-pneumonia. For this he

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there was no struggle, no excitement, no sickness. So far as a single case

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Continued efforts to establish a statewide voluntary

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Disease Germs; their Nature and Origin. By Lionel S. Beale,

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In the chapters on inflammation and suppuration the sections

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and therefore is able to function better as a husband and

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He bad a case last year of a woman with her ninth child. The head

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teaspoonful syrup three or lour times daily. (May be diluted with

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operations permitted by the Corporation’s Articles of

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to those Dr. Finny has described. These latter then, I take it, must be

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the left chamber. In both of these instances advanced degenerative

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disease, hepatic or renal impairment Concurrent adminis-

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nitric acid, corrosive sublimate, and tannin; no starch; digestive

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chanteric area, and adjacent femoral shaft is removed

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clonic contractions in the facial muscles and the small

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Hypopharynx, Larynx,” A. Visar Syed, M.D., Department of Radiation

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chotic processes; catatonic-like states; autonomic reactions, such as dry mouth

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one resident orthopaedist and 13 cities with two. Overall

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found in self-help groups such as testimonials, role

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rence, and having followed so soon after parturition. The in-

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uniform, and that in doses not exceeding 35 grs. there were simply

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left some time with the body born and the head not through the pelvis,

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toxicity. The Board continued to keep their motion that

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substances has not been static. In 1970 they contracted

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