would be a cruel and nefarious system of obtaining money by false pre-
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121 ; the dirtusion of, i:k, 195, 2.50, SU, .369, 443,
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raises a question as to whether they are legally qualified. This is a point
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centres, to organise higher paths of co-ordination, and to
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secretaries pro tern., to take the preliminary steps necessary
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described, it the treatment is of any use at all. As to the best
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on relief of famine might or might not have been " sufficient
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a:.vi submucous tissues o: the stomach. This is especially illustrated
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ended May 20th, ni'S eases, 3i deaths, giving (i 4 per cent, of notified cases.
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the symptoms may be extremely varied, according to the situation of
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The left lung was firmly adherent to the parietes and dia-
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kotbeds of fever or ot aoy ocher dise&se. In particular we believe that
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as possible will be accompanied by specimens, illustrations,
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meet such cases the punishment would need to be more
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fication of M. D., and subjecting himself to the penalty imposed by Sec-
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noted that insufficient care was taken to prevent communica-
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ity, also palpitation on exertion, sighing, and yawning.
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Tatham. John, M.D.St.And., F.R.C.P.Lond., appointed Consulting Physi-
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corns would have recourse to the following simple plan, which he has
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and myself in the Bkitibh Medical Journal of January 10th,
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lymphatics, which, according to Klein, is significant of their carrying
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Birmingham, and observed that the workmen who were imme-
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ment suggest that the applicant must be possessed of phe-
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distinguished officer was Principal Medical Officer of the Army
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one of these characters may be absent at any one particular
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In^juiih of Iht* brain itself, persons dying of these aflPections showing on
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of Mh.sIokI Disease and its ConiplicHtron.s. The following
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treatment, according to need, administering them first in a macerated
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Dr. Fahquhabson : Have there been any attempts at ex-
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Haemorrhage, by Professor Martin of Chicago. The sugges-
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refusal to comply with the lawful orders of the sanitary authority.
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Council of the British Medical Association ; Surgeon-Colonel
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poured tons of water, materially assisting the firemen, arrived