Tyzzer leaves the more exact classification of the parasite to the future.
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are any signs of suppuration. Marked necrosis is found in some and the
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feet become blue and cold, warmth and friction may be applied to them,
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the return of the temperature to normal the patient with febricula often
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inspiration, and especially during the latter, and that they
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tion becomes hemorrhagic after the first two or three days, and has not a
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surroundings, and fresh air and sunlight are important aids. Allusion has
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into long threads. This is not remarkable when we remember the peculiarity
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stitutional, and more definite. A soldier may have many
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perfect health. A small number of animals — especially
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the chief examiner for the place. This course is so as to make
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of cells by the sudden introduction of large quantities of injurious substances.
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The following table shows the mortality from consump-
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present series. There seems no question of their occurrence, although it
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temperature are further Avamings. The heart becomes rapid and feeble,
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takes, the subject would have taken smallpox if exposed; on the other hand,
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areas from 4 to 10 mm. in diameter. They are situated most commonly on
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Cardiosphygmogram. — ^The radial impulse is very dicrotic; the rate rhythm,
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anatomical conditions. Ashton and Landis in 991 cases of pneumonia found
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centre is due to some micro-organism. The facts adduced
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A primary iliac bubo presents a similar picture with oedema and peri-
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stasis has been suggested but this is rarely sufficient to account for the icterus,
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inflammation about the pulmonary branches of the vagus. Eason observed
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latter year it was discovered in Hong Kong. Later it was found that
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only learn to live according to the laws of nature by the
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respiratory and oropharyngeal), and of the materials which they convey, is
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in primary cervical bubo. Internal glands may or may not be painful, but
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played an essential part in the dissemination of infectious diseases; but
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photophobia, with which there may be dilatation of the pupils. There is
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patients had the same disease in each epidemic, which might occur and very
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constitutional symptoms are similar in character to those of septicaemia
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life. In proportion as he approximates this simplicity and
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why this should not be done as carefully as if the patient had plague or
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Lodenpyl as well as others have shown that the injection of dead tubercle
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valuable treatise.— Pro/. Boscoc B. Bell, in the Americaii VeteHnary
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was $10,000; five when it had reached $15,000; seven at
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