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pends upon the specific bacteria. While in typical chronic cases,

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an important paper on this subject ; important, because his ex-

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fests itself there, sometimes as vague suffering, more frequently

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blood that is contained within the injured vessels, and thus

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Chapter IV — House ov Delegates. ties. (With these ends in view, five years

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isms in Health and Disease. rules have yielded, in many instances, to

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Again, a dog does not necessarily bite everything about it

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and larger when he goes to bed at night. There is no pain in

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This view that uncinariasis follows tlie bryos stand a greater chance of perishing

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closely resemble those of chronic inflammation but in others

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ficulty and pain in swallowing , arising from sharp spasmodic action

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and to the suspension of the secretions in general. Upon the same

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nective tissue cells and red blood corpuscles. The adjacent

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Therapeutic Value of Chloride of Iron. — M. AV. E.

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Such a remedy we have in cacodylate of Arsenious Acid gram. 06 gram. 01

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then we meet w4th cases of lupus in strong and healthy

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sumed, she returned home in the latter part of February, quite

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It was in connection with this disease that the first veteri-

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chronic cases, with the result of finding this same parasite in the blood

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sis at once to ferruginous treatment, irre- proved to be gastric crises. After they had

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the redness and infiltration retrogressed in reddening, with scaling and scratch marks,

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toms of the disease. Cathartics should be washed with bichloride sol. i to 1000. I

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there is an increase of energy, the vital forces are also increased,

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ry a poison as phosphorus, what results should we look upon as

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Medical Journal, gives a caution in respect to the use of this

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that the .Society proceed to the election of and that, sir, is a sufficient recommendation

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In the United States, Massachusetts eradicated pleuro-

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not too thick, may be readily destroyed by the acid nitrate. A

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Looss has used charcoal as a medium in to say that with the exception of the plant-

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ent sizes are seen under the serous membranes, particularly on

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