We ma}' therefore divide this chapter into two parts, and we shall
left ear was in a state of chronic catarrh, the membrana tympani drawn
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During the following days the wound was cleansed night and
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liver and spleen were alone found. Inoculation into the lung pro-
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roaring sound being produced. The animal had just been bought.
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quantity of fluid may lie in the chest without injuring the lung; for it
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be so wealthy or so generous, that they will do any extra work they are asked to
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tapping ; some days it was very much so. He had had, and still had,
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some mischievous person or child has applied to the penis.
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tended to the serum as well as to the unaltered blood ; and that it
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our cities and towns, and young men will be enabled to carry out the
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rapid. The chronic forms generally yield to suitable local and general
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ounces of sodium sulphate and four drachms of bicarbonate were added
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J 2. An eight-year-old Percheron gelding, which had died suddenly
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questioned whether every case of " temper-disease", and even of ordi-
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one of debility, they must remove the child from all those conditions
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hematuria. The urine contains red blood-corpuscles and renal casts
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fine views of the neighbouring scenery and of the bay ; they visited the
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may be summed up as follows : — colic, great anxiety, dyspnoea, irre-
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by general dilatation of the coats of the artery, whilst the smaller one
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a further figure is given, showing the three larger cysts (a, b, c, and d)
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more value on the morals than on the health of English youth, the
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A Practical Tre.4tise o.n the Diseases of Children. By
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been elected to fill the office of President of the Brighton and Sussex
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no actual vomiting. He complair.ed of pain in the head from the tem-
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Report of the Committee of Visitors of the Lunatic Asylum for the North Riding of
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more feeble in proportion as the muscular fibres are more numerouslj-
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sixty yards to its stable, walking in a crouching manner "as if the fore