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suffocation, as rapidly as though I had performed bronchotomy.
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parts that had suffered from paralysis. 'Whatever the cause might be,
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to insert a commercial message. If you have not al-
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conjecture that there is some obstruction in the Fallopian tubes, or in the
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thoracoscopy trocar. A biopsy measuring 3x4 mm may be
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val and scleral injection, pholosensitization, arthralgia and allergic myocarditis Gastrointes-
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Adverse Reactions: Theophylline may exert some stimu-
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over special molds to give a smooth total contact socket
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high fat intake of the present American diet. If concerned,
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general health. The involved patient is never overweight
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the total health care costs in this country were paid
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authentic cases where this alternative measure was resorted to after
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preventive medicine, emergency medical services, and rural
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Controlled sustained release of ISO-BID’s isosorbide dinitrate through micro-
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7. Nellhaus, G.: Head Circumference From Birth to 18 Years, Pediatrics 41:106, 1%8.
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One night, after falling asleep while reading a novel,
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with the highest requirements. To do this, it is necessary
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On the 22nd the thermometer marked a slight improvement, but the
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ing first trimester should almost always be avoided
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patients about the danger of status epilepticus that can
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activities of the Association pertaining to insurance. They
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ously. Even on the first trial she could nearly close the eye under the
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Fifth International Cuban Medical Association Congress, July 3-
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with the procedure, the percentage of good results has
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There is no question that the activities of the Ad Hoc