Bacmeisteb, A. Die Kontgenbehandlung der Lungen- und Darmtuberkulose.

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Case of Laceration of the Uterus without pain. By Dr E. W. Cheney, . 156

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That many cases of hepatic syphilis are not recognized during life is shown

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Lutembacher, R. (4). Anevrismes du ventricule gauche. Arch. d. mal. du

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double sugar tube during the growth of B. typhosus is due not to direct

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venous pressures until the dose was so large as to cause muscular

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a certain time during which a remarkable increase in the total energy ex-

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hospital the patient complained of headache, fever, and chilly sensations.

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of the perineural or perivascular lymphatics. The lymph which reaches

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competence, and a profession which will do this for him, will

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difficulty, so that there is some retention at the end of three hours. In

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operation. The child having his hands confined was laid on

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because definite symptoms arise early and so lead to timely diagnosis and

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apparent harm. When the uterine canal is patent the technique is relatively

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hyde is added and two or three drops of absolute alcohol saturated

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of the blood picture — the radiation to be continued until the blood picture

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no doubt that some patients do seem to be benefited. These are

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was not so marked as in older children, but the choreiform movements were

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blood-sugar concentration at the zero hour varied between 96 and 2,110 mgm.,

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majority of recurrences following cholecystectomy were mechanical and

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throughout the lesion than formerly when treating a subcutaneous lesion ;

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between the symptoms or evidences obtained by objective exami-

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v. Zeissl. Uber die Innervation der Blase. Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol, 1893,

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seven. The interest in the case centres in the x-ray testimony. It was a

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Generally the pain is localized below the axilla, below the angle of the

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and could be excluded in considering the hyperplasia of adults. The

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was, indeed, as has already been remarked, not a total sup-

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abscess and have reached a few conclusions which I believe to be of value.

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gestion, but which in reality are due to definite organic change

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15 per cent, phthalein is lost from the time the phthalein is injected

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of the buffy coat was the basis of the humoral pathology from the time of

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give rise to severe and even fatal collapse. Such cases react badly to acute

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