view, however, is by no means peculiar to this disease, but is applicable
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and signs denote h^^pertrophy. Cafeine, or the infusion of coffee, has
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EACH student is immediately and personally taught in Ob-
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regards the quantity of blood sent into the aorta in different beats.
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Clinical History. — In describing this disease, writers have not been
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occur, save in cases in which cardiac or renal disease coexists. (Edema
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members of that society were in those days subjected, this
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monic s^^mptom is one which denotes invariably the existence of a particu-
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should keep perfectly quiet and abstain from fluid for, at least, three
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ed the explanation he had given; and expressed the beUef that it
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The hyper-nutrition giving rise to hypertrophy does not always pro-
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lose, to a greater or less extent, the faculty of excreting uric acid, the
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luminous ^^ Annual Reports on the Progress of Surgery," all which
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fecal matter. The tissue of the uterus was white and firm,
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doses repeated at short intervals, mercurial inunction being added.
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foods are used alone, the child will not be properly nourished, its flesh will be flabby, and it
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of any affection of the heart was perhaps unknown. It is rare for lesions
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The third variety is commonly known as the taenia lata, or broad tape-
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to remove this conviction by the most positive assurances to the contrary.
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remarkable featnres. The patient was a married female of
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approbation of the New- York Academy of Medicine. Thou-
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The term congestive fever is very erroneous, and always uncertain,
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side, and it sounded well en percussion — on the left side, the mur-
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