destruction of some of the parathyroids, or even to infection of

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as to obscure the urobilin band in the undilated filtrate. There

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in early life, whereas epidemic encephalitis occurs later. Chorea is often

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0.1 c.c. of fluid was used. The titration of the strength of the

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that two sets of facts may confuse the utilization of gas as a measure of

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l'Hygiene sur l'encephalite lethargique en France. Bull. Acad, de med., 1920,

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d. Anat. u. Enhvicldungsgesch., 1910, 19, 1), and Hartmann (Anat Anz.,

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and we have to determine accurately the positive aspect of atonia ; that is,

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is proposed for such a lesion, which does not appear to have been, as yet,

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character of the instrument used and of the depth of the abrasion ; (2) the

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muscles on the side of the stimulation can be obtained. Riddoch records

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used subsequently. Petren^ could find no reference in the literature

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Moller, H., og Wessel. Prolapsus recti hos born behandlet ad m. Ekehorn.

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claviculaires chez les tuberculeux. Bull. Acad, de med., 1920, 3 e ser., 84,

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jaw ; blindness of one eye ; pain and suppuration in the ear.

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definite clinical entity which has been proved experimentally to be of para-

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which the saw-cuts must be made, for even if he should have cut one bone

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