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sudden attack of pain in the right kidney shooting into the

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exhaustive treatise of Hirsch on the geography of intermittent fever.

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an almost constant accompaniment of acute parenchymatous nephritis,

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to discharge, and the glands in the neck were very much

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ETIOLOGY. We have seen that the virus which the chancrous mat-

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there is no perceptible constitutional taint. The success obtained at

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will often subside as soon as an eruption of this kind makes its appear-

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circumscribed the pain in the back, the more distinctly the peripheral

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induced permanent inspiratory distention of the alveoli (called acute

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obtain from these patients a confession that they have previously mas-

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not exceeding one-fiftieth of a grain, not only did some of my patients

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sometimes grow as large as the head. The structure of the interior

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childhood, and is far less in females than in males. It is greatest be-

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up the seat of the inflammation, the more extensive the paralysis. If

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ital region is the cause of the suffering (nervous dysmenorrho3a).

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SYMPTOMS AND COURSE. Acute inflammation of the pia mater is

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In the same connection, we must remember that a variable

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VlII. Inflammation of the Pi a Mater, with Puro-fibrinous Exudation Menin-

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movements, they will be still more uncertain ; if, while erect, he closes

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some instances, over-exertion of the upper extremities, or cold, has

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pointed instruments, pressure on the nerves from fragments of bullets,

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ETIOLOGY. Partial anaemia of the brain occurs 1. When the

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them; (5) if possible, after a few hours, a third icebag, and

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with Helmericfts ointment, and in the morning let him take another

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tractive matter of the urine become converted into lactic acid, so that

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etc. We must make it, a rule to consider hyperaemia of the cerebral

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described it as a local oedema characterized by great peculiarities in its

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involves a large extent of surface, and occurs not only upon the fact

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of an irritating character, are the most prominent symptoms. Such

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In these four, treated for three months, two months, three

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the tissue spaces which are the subject of invasion, and only

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mann the secretion of urine was considerably augmented by the very

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fractures near joints because of the deformity and mechanical

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in reality greatly increased (in proportion to the severity or