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Edson, the Sanitary Superintendent of the New York Health

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Mb. Asquith has promptly assured Dr. Cameron of his in-

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be unhesitatingly bestowed on an inquiry into the causes of

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week as to the grave responsibility which it takes upon

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Square, to consider the Council's report and statement of

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cases are a special type of funptioual cases; he urges tliat if,

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eighteen hours. That this poison is absorbed in the human

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to have a tootli extracted, and pointed out the one whicli he desired to

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of two" has in this, as in so many other instances, led to con-

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' Te years' Compulsory^NotiJication of Injcctious Disease in Edinburyh.

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Mr. Christopher Vise, M D., is appointed Surgeon-Lieutenant to the

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there were only 30 who had escaped revaccination, and all

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optional detail for the Indian Government. But it is just

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ununited section of one or more nerves, and also paralysis

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tured and the child presenting by the breech. Labour pro-

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fretus if the opportunity for making such an investigation arises, but we

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uncertainty as to the dose of poison is a disturbing influence,

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The following cases are examples of the beneficial eflfect of

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not expect the ordinary lay mind to appreciate all the con-

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amount of inflammation was produced. Xo case of recent

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commoner lesion than clinical records indicate, for a scar, or

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degree of pressure and well dried, the papyrus was completed. The

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physicianship, in succession to Dr. Gowers. For some years

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behaviour, obedience to the Sisters, and to the "doctors

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been given to the result of the admixture, conlideiice being placed in

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of soda, took li cubic centimetre of the bacillus emulsion.

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The leport passes in due course to the chief of the department. Meat

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during pleasure." That it is not contemplated to appoint an inspector

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was no cause whatever for alarm on the subject. He was carefully watch-

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half that of the period 1746-1755, 17.85 against 3.5.5. Tem-

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standing clear up with marvellous rapidity. Asthma does-

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cases among 600, a case mortality of 0.5 per cent. That milk

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of the animal nor of its weight, which even in the case of

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paroxysms. During the last two days she had had a certain amount of

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Bugeaud's expedition in the province of Oran, Algeria, in

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of Maine, show that wh'Je the population has slightly

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bacillus of typhoid fever "do not tnerefore prove anything as to the

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