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Of the 166 cases estimated as of severity "3," that is "severe,"
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with pulmonary involvement as in primary obliterative pulmonary
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ing into a vein. To distend a vein with air, or to fill it with mercury or wax
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stopped. All of the organs were found to be edematdus and to show
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a reproductive power a.s is shown in the case of the formation of new synovial
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of the uterus at fifty-five and forty years, while two sons died at
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trast strangely with the atrophic legs. Exostoses are present about the
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Bowing of the radius, with or without dislocation of the elbow,
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menting, terminates finally in their complete destruction, and in death."
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was little or no tenderness on pressure, if tlie patient felt scarcely any pain in
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ordinary train of scholastic or professional education. It was not
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observed, had been declining for some time, and at length declared
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The common operation by interrupted suture was practised on the opening
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pressure on the umbilical cord, &c. , that if it respires at all, it will
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home in September. It was ascertained that this girl was susceptible to
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brane usually found in pericarditis. The pleura was pale and wrink-
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attempt by surgical means to remedy the defect, and I therefore put him at
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pneumonia. The cerebrospinal fluid taken immediately after death was
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abscess into the substance of the lung. Or he may, under the same circum-
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these tubercles do not excite a reaction, there is no disease; there merely exists
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third, fourth, sixth, and the soft portion of the seventh pairs of nerves no doubt
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After an examination of the circumstances which were said to ac-
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force, in rotating the scapular fragment outward and upward; and that it acts,
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Gastro-intestinal disturbances w T ere not prominent in the early
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tion; but we do not know how to make it yet. As a general rule, systemic
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severe to warrant its continued use. 1 On the contrary, serum can
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juices; from the tenth day onward jelly is permitted. Drugs are
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a cavity which has been torn into in the removal of the lung.
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the service, were treated, making the total number of doses given
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entirely removed; the ulceration never went beneath the surface.
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terday engaged on an election frolic, walked a greater distance than he had done
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as much as possible, but it was found to extend down as low as the petrous
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what becomes of the contagion of plague, since this form of it con-
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nearby. This joint, therefore, is probably permanently damaged.
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chanism, the author contends, adapts the circulation to the various positions in
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namely, in technical terms and proper names. Thus homoeopathy is invariably
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spectrophotometer. It is noteworthy that Charnas does not
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there might or might not be chilly sensations, fever, sweats, joint
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November 21 the total leukocytes were 167,000. November 30 the whole
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months. According to the statement of the patient, the hernia descended occasion-
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Longcope, W. T., cirrhosis of liver produced by chronic protein intoxication,
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sepsis has developed does one procure cultures of any organism
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mixture, the muriatic acid of which dissolves the fragments of iron: this ciTected
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suffering from an active syphilis of the central nervous system, although