dences that they are supplied by the trigeminal nerve is equally

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threads with neighboring nodal points of the Golgi net. Al-

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able substance is irregularly scattered and is more or less short;

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teum, and serve, along with the presence of the corpuscles above

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the net-work were covered by more or less thick red sheaths and

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mind one should not be surprised at this in a method which is

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it is very seldom that a child breathes in this situation, and as we

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between the nerve fibers and the Golgi net-work was very clear,

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its place in the front rank of professional literature

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f nother variety the concretions consist of the oxalate of lime. These are

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theory of Bolk. Too much must not be expected from such a

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1909 Untersuchungen liber den feineren Bau des Ohrlabyrinths der

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the limbs, vertigo, and diarrhoea. " These are enumerated in the order of

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much of the benefit derived from watering-places is due to the various

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jjulmonary and nervous system. The duration of the fever was from

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the diseases of children. Hysteria ver3^ rarely affects males, and belongs,

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treatment as some of the other cases alluded to where this medi-

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The following is a striking instance, apparentl}^, of this kind : Mr. C, a

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therapeutics, and assure the practitioner who has grown

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of the finger being often sufficient to cover them. Asa rule, the pain

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following one (Emmett and Grindley, '06). It is representative

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can be admitted as correct or sufficient, unless it explains

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leading to atrophy of the parenchyma, it'may acquire a bulk nearly as great,

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que las terminaciones nerviosas libres en el epitelio nasal estdn

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(Stannius, '49), and as in many fishes, one of them lies super-

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tertian t3q3e the paroxysms occur before noon ; quartans are as likely to

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as denoted by the pulse and the heart-sounds, calls for the use of stimu-

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remarkable. Instead of the firm and strong and resisting can-

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'• excentric," or " centripetal." With regard to these points, however, we

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course of the medullary cylinders, and on their slanting edges

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described by you and Dr. Stokes, they were much more com-

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what unreliable. If the solutions to be precipitated by chloro-

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or vomiting, the affection is commonly known as nervous headache. The

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fibers with neuroglia sheaths and he identified this with the

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any nppreciable changes in the parts affected. All that can be said of the

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Regarding the immediate cause of the movement of the

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presenting in the centre of this stump a small acuminated, pro-

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was used for the determination of the non-protein nitrogen, and

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exclusively by branches of the so-called ophthalmicus super-

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fevers. The doctrine that yellow fever and remittent fever are identical,

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brandy were given hourly, with advantage, to a child three years of age.

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parts of the organ, from exposure to cold, we need not wonder at

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erished, nutrition is imperfect and disordered, as shown by flabbiness of

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disappears shortly after its appearance, and afterward returns. It fluc-

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Development of the second, third, and fourth spaces of Nuel 305

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These attacks generally give rise to great apprehension. The patient