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paresis finally invades the muscles of mastidation, deglu-
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York says that, while on the witness stand the plaintiff in
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with the condition? met with in military practice. Hence no
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ming among the clots was a fetus of about ten weeks.
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This Committee is called to meet at the Hotel Ryan, St.
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pleura, even before the articular manifestations. The latter
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from the disease, while 3 new cases were reported. On this
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])eriments with the gas produced by the action of sulphuric
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injuries of joints have been made which would seem to
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capsule from the diaphragm, about one pint of pus was evacu-
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10. Von Eislesberg, of Utrecht: Treatment of Bony Defects of
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state societies, in proportion of one for every 500 mem-
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delphia, died at his residence in Philadelphia, April 23, aged 40,
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and Balthazard' give the results of cryoscopy of the
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lar neck, the size of a small hickory nut, and another jost
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ous nature. They consisted of epithelioma of the lid and hand
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been a laceration of the inner coats thus permitting the blood
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the regulating powers of the present law to make it
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Dr. a. S. Lobinoier said that much has been written in a
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of America and well-known for his professional ability through-
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dium be found; always the intervening fibrous tissue,
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often of pneumococcus origin. However, it is not to
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fever, confirming what has elsewhere been proved, that
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was easily removed and the stumps sutured. The patient was
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press .the ureters. ( Fig. 3. ) The operation is com-