tunity oft'ers. — The following Lectures are given in the Medical School:
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cal clerk, Mr. Richmond, that Bailey had suffered from these symptoms
port Infirmary. — ^100 has been presented to the Seamen's Hospital
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and not so brilliant as you had once expected. It is not given to eveiy
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hea), it was explored, and the portions of the watch were discovered
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Watkin Williams, Esq., 13, Newhall Street, Birmingham.
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curred, the detached retina may mark the tumour conce.iling the true
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ditions complicating dentition. Cold he considered not only an "ex-
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upon our hospital studies, we had no means of foreseeing that there was
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of performing vaccination upon the leg to avoid it ; and this was his
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fortnight after the injury, we found the body almost completely paralysed,
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which can Ije evacuated are sent on with their corps ; the others remain,
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The contractions gradually ceased ; the patient remained free from them
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with Sir P. Dun's Maternity. Each Army Midwife will receive a
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tion is that which he gives himself. The first requisites to successful
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and other observers, has an evaporating power, on an average, at least
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general. The tendency of class regulations is not generally thought to be
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served wards with one hundred beds, capable of being used in cases of
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College, at the same time transmitting tlie following certificates. For
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In the living eye, a glioma, when it has attained some size, attracts
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We are happy to learn that the Council of the Gloucestershire Branch
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however, that there are still more than enougli of sensible and
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_ Connected %vith the School are Museums of Human and Compara-
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Hdd in A'EU'CASTLE, August <)lh, lotk, iitk, ami izlh, 1S70.
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his work. On the rst October, he noticed that his skin was covered by
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was rapidly exploded, and, in the English camp at least, the use of chlo-
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certificates, and bunkum testimonials ; and some I have heard to use
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is the question of the representation of the profession. I own, sir,
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natural or " selected" — into the dust from the most varied localities —
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Shortly after admission, her mind became filled with singular and
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ceeding diastole. Has Dr. Balfour, either in health or disease, ever
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T/ie Pnpifs Physical Society meet on alternate Saturdays, .at seven
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unnecessarily strong. It may range from grs. v to 5j to gj of water.
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produced disease in man, but that in many cases no noticeable effects
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examination, made twelve hours after death, revealed very great disten-
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was then covered w ith a piece of lint, thickly spread with the carbolic
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should very much like to see it either become a branch of the British
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worst at night, which circumstance may be dwelt upon as indicating