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ence in treatment which lie believes to be injurious.

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keep constantly before his mind the dangers of pro-

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neal fistulre, through which a considerable proportion of

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amendments were proposed should be discussed first,

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divided, and the part covered with a j^ece of adhesive plaister.

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the greatest assistance in its successful management.

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distrust of reasoning from having overrated it, and

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aged 8, was admitted on April 14th, 1863, into Fitz-

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Mr. Yardley fined the defendant five shillings, or in

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sive and other nervous affections, and also by the fact

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as promi)t and efficient. 1. In the summer of 18G2, a

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never refused to go to any case, however poor, or however deep

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depending upon — (a) the proijortion of nitric acid

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concluding his description of the bones of the skull.

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began again to increase ; and within five weeks, the

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lishe<l their Annual Report for the year 186-i. It

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character, however, that no abstract could possibly

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that was made in liis face filled up, and left a not

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This case may be looked on in every respect as one of

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of the outward forms of piety, might laugh at this.

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of active or ozonised pure oxygen. I proceed now to

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are such as are alcove detailed, and that by careful exami-

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Compar..\natomy — Mr.Cnllender. | Practical Chemistry — Dr.Odling.

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for twenty-one days, without any indication of dying

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verse striae. In consequence of these interruptions,

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which we ought to take heed, and trust its instincts,

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he should proceed to the scene of practical instruc-

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were : — 1. Indulgence in idle, luxurious habits. 2.

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of meat, be enabled to give his patients a soup quite

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ultimo. It was simply to stiord the Society an opportunity of

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healthiest part of England. In this district, I have

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their specific nature. Onychia in the newly born is

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In such cases, the end of the finger at the bleeding

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above all, not intrust the task of accumulating facts to them ex-

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stores of infonnation in military surgery that have