the College shall advertise or publish any matter or thing

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Professor Burdon Sanderson, Professor Slichael Foster, and

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Under the title of The Medical Bulletin a new medical paper

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in Cardiff, Bolton, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Derby; scarlet fever in

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easily explained t)y their greater exposure in nursing the

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of patients had risen in 1892 to 55,803. Of this number

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ol- supinator paralysis, and it is sometimes also dropped.

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and residence Applications to James R. Wheldon, Secretary, 74.

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lethargic and weak; cramps set in followed by paralysis,

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cumina" food for examination. The food is stated to be a

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within the meaning of the regulation. This can scarcely

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of the circumstances, accepted the view of the Cloyne Dis-

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deep on the ground, and the journey in my case necessitated a

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appoint a committee to consider all private Bills promoted by municipal

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infection from case to case in tlie wards. No local ward con-

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medical profession in the present day. The profession in

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however orderly the rise and fall of intensity may be, the

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forward no evidence wliatever to justify his statement that it

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gives half a grain to a child 1 year old an hour before bedtime,

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disorder, or transmits infected articles. "Since adopting

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dabbed impression, contains on a rough average thirty-five

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not, however, understand written commands nor repeat

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Mr. Bowlby thought the suggested position would be good if

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toria Park, E.— House-Physiciau. Board, residence, and allowance

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In twenty-four hours the cyst, which contained 30 ounces,

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Nervous System" (with five illustrations), by Professor B.

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labelled in the manner we have indicated, must be strongly

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rent to adjacent structures, and at its upper part formed part