servers, in England, Germany, and France, but the mystery
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or 37 per cent., were in the softening and excavation stages; of these, .5
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supply of food at them, and the lack of opportunities for
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made to dilate the stricture, the urine (which, if not
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authorities as, at all events, exceedingly cheap, certainly very safe, and
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was warm, and t'ne ears and lips were intensely livid, and the linger
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been weaned five weeks after birth, and appeared in perfect
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in the Hebrew the word has a different meaning, and is else-
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seldom rapid, and extends usually over a term of j'ears. The
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which it is difficult to do justice in a hasty appreciation.
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or water, but which must enter the intestine before they can
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January 6tli. Tiie treatment with pancreas was betfun to day. The
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mischief. He agreed that special precautions were necessary
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tion at Glasgow the honorary LL.D. degree of the University
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At the annual meeting of the Court of Governors of the University
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Report of the Royal Commission on Vaccination (1889),
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The German Government have under consideration a Bill
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blood which occurs outside the vessels, and that which niay
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as, for instance, the South Down and common sheep. There-
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and most marked in hypermetropic women. Episcleritis he
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Pain, Guv's Hospital ; A B. Sturges. Yorkshire College, Leeds.
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sanitary appliances, with their suitability for the purposes
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the greatest value if the antecedent history of every case
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retinitis of pregnancy one eye only might be affected. Sepa-
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itormed by one cell. In the higher animals the various func-
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myxojdema was due to a general oedema, in acromegaly
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Dh. Stanley A. Gill, B.A., M.R.C.P.Lond. (Formby) writes : In con-
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in a most undesirable manner the question whether the
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The most difficult cases to treat were those in which the urethra
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complain of his changing important features in his theory
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•on some of the newer remedies. The second, most voluminous,
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tutes a brea', h of the Collegiate disciplinary laws. It is impossible for a
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the establishment of such a degree there appears to be prac-
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-of sulphate of soda in, for instance, the " Carlsbad " spring,
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of these diseases was due to micro-organisms, nor was there