aperients, and a generous diet and residence amidst hygienic
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manent results of the rachitis. In the treatment of irritative diarrhoea,
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vantage of not inflaming the skin or being so disagreeable as most
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accompany the disease from the first, as well as the many analogies
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FROM the fatal epidemics of this disease which have occurred of
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paired, the good effect of mercury in allaying secondary symptoms is
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these circumstances, but it is not the only one. There is no doubt
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(c) Apart from agglutination, does the source of the washed
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The first year passes, and the child continues to stick all toys, for
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less every possible help must be sought from other therapeutic
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fever would be one of the most dangerous of diseases, if those inex-
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facility with which opsonin can arrive at the site of infection.
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symptomatic of cerebral disease, or of an eclampsia.
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com, meat, cheese, and butter, his letter does not explain.
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filaments, partly in various stages of atrophy ; most of them have com-
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many intermediate stages between epileptic vertigo, the petit mal^
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plicable pauses did not occur between the paroxysms, during which
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but the priaprism persisted, until, during the course of 5^ weeks,
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ANATOMICAL APPEARANCES. The anatomical changes in mild and
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fibres, or of larger bits of tissue in the urine, from which we may infer
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sac, near the inner canthus of the eye, and the eyelids are kept
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increasing to perfect anaesthesia. The special senses are rarely affected,
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monstrated. The sick should be isolated from the well, and only
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fomentations — in most cases evacuation is regarded as if it were
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and it was found that the hsematoma was associated wnth a
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the cranial bones is also observed in rachitis (Elsasser*s soft occiput,
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vapor-baths in chronic articular rheumatism, I can recommend the trial
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whose propagation by contagion there is no doubt ; but we hesitate to
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from the fact that the conditions in a patient's blood are
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in contact, and project like a beak. The sacrum is also generally
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ETIOLOGY. Strictly speaking, we can only designate as neuromata
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attacked by it somewhat more frequently than women ; persons
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northern part of the United States most of the epidemics have be-
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disease is one which in regard to erythrocyte-formation is
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sides, so that it cannot collapse, like other veins, when the stream of
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any service, there was here the inherent difficulty of dealing
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station, arrive there warm, enter the carriage, and expose their face to
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low, rarely rising above '5, and is often so low that he can
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stant pains, there are convulsive pains, particularly in the course of the
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ganism, prophylaxis further requires that the bed-pans, enema syringes,
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varied greatly, and was, as a rule, lower than in health. The relation
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grow again upon the affected spot, which presents the appearance of
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tionally dark red. The degree of the swelling and the severity of
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water from the blood is to some extent replaced, correspond to chole-
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carrier, should be kept under bacteriological supervision.
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