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putrefaction the acid reaction which is present in the experimental tube
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and Australia, it flourishes, in spite of enormous differences of climate.
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Diagnosis. — The difficulties, as in the case of the tongue, occur in
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In the two cases mentioned there were caseous nodules in the gland,
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on the distribution of the disease. In gonorrheal synovitis there is
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bronchial, mesenteric, cervical, or other, the morbid condition is the same,
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inch long, and need not be deep enough to draw blood. A drop of N/15
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kind of frenzy, fo he has alfo the flrongcft affedion
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quired before he could bear the extenfion of the joint,
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breeds, great care is taken to preferve them entirely
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and even the tendency to deposit alkaline calculi in the urinary
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of the Toronto course over most of the United States Colleges is
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wise to discuss separately the treatment of each variety.
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with the proteid kept low at first, - 75 to 1*5 per cent., fat in moderately
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since such food frequently contains an excess of organic acids and salts,
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it much, as well calculated to promote their appetite,
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boundaries of a right -sided subphrenic abscess are the vault of the
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large, fiefhy, and nervous ; his back flrait and full ;
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done a hollow needle connected with a manometer is introduced through
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the horfe] be faintand otherwife difordered, hefhould
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by tight-lacing, and in men by the practice of wearing a belt ; or by ex-
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his faft, and that he fhould be kept from folid food
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The endeavour is to give just that quantity of Digitalis which will maintain
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complications due to pressure of the abscess. Vomiting is not uncommon ;
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appearances of the cultures are such as to enable skilled observers at once
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and give it the horfe to drink, after which walk him
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fibres as they pass to the optic nerve. This arrangement is interrupted
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and there is doubtless a communication either with the appendix or with
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oil, supposed to represent active principles of the oil, are probably of little
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carbonate of guaiacol appears to be the more efficient remedy. It is a
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necessary to drain the abscess through the pleural cavity. The patient
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be secured. The students will be used as subjects in certain type experi-
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and later on the side will, if it contain much blood, measure more than
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fundamental, and yet are not infrequently overlooked. No apology
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longer feed himself. Nutrition begins to suffer, bedsores may form, and
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spraying or painting with cocaine (before food will make mastication, etc.,
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deliberate fulfilment of this matutinal function. In many cases, especially
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Morbid anatomy. — Tuberculous ulcers are very rarely found on
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man being the red blood corpuscles. Many of the lower animals, particu-
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head. In the case of parrots, it has been maintained that the disease is
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cylindrical, grey or pinkish in colour, shining, transversely and finely
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pillars of the fauces, but they are also not infrequently present on the