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Sir, — It was with much pleasure that I read the letter in

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Deyland, John Winter, M.R.C.S.Eng., L.U., reappointed Medical Officer

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mammary systems. These vessels are nmnerous and small. Occa-

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Border Counties.— It appears that (a) a "pauper lunatic" is any lunatic

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injurious results were even more marked than on the first trial. But

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came to be realised. My earliest observations being con-

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Mr. Herbert Spencer has reprinted, with Messrs. Williams

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perience, surgeons cannot be sure what muscle or tendon is to be cut,

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the services which Mr. Favell has rendered to the General

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resolution in which intercurrent affections caused death fifteen

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pressed his willingness to accept the invitation of the Com-

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sub judice, to discuss the verdict in its full bearings, and we-

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British Association and other scientific societies, ceased more than a

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This diagnosis was rendered probable by the age of the patient, being

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Appendix to the "Surgery of Henry of Mondeville.'' By

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commences 2 mm. behind the globe, expanding tlie dural and

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Glycosuria.— Mr. R. H. B. Nicholson showed a case of Chole-

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Own West Yorkshire Regiment (formerly the 2nd West York Militia), is

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the vessels cannot be ascertained, but there are grounds for

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wondering whether direct pressure on the heart from the re-

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letter from Dr. Trotter relative to the Perth Sick Nursing'

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and Microscopes) measures 70 feet by 30 feet, with roof and

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cause of the disturbance and not something else. Those signs which

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College of South Wales and Monmouthsliire, for the grant-

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spore or any bodies such as described by Rufler and Soudakfei^;'

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No organs of the body present such a variety of chronic affections

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man, and at any time this may give rise to complications whose nature

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■the disease, that it is invariably present in all cases of cholera,