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Binding : Millboards, covered crimson morocco, stamped with floral devices on both

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patient as his disease is a great blunder, and to prescribe for this, with-

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several paragraphs in this treatise, on which we design to com-

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examined. In a case in which the index to tubercle was

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of one another's observations, will, I trust, be considered by your read-

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with the latter, died about 1300 Bishop of Corinth. He translated Aristotle's works into Latin.

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hypertrophy of one or other extremity. Much less common

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sable, and I never hesitate to suggest it in obstinate cases of leu-

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196. UNKNOWN AUTHOR, THE PRAISES OF TARA. [Calmuck.] T. 8. 28.

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of fatal haemorrhage from the extraction of a tooth. Every ex-

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that he considered, at least four-fifths of them asthenic, and, conse-

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decay, which cannot be influenced by anti-syphilitic treatment,

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The tumour sometimes comes out whole, or it may be neces-

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Under the final couplet on 5, 5 v°. in late XVII. Cent, capitals and miniscules : THOMAS

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On ii, 2 r°. in various hands (XV.-XVII. Cents.) : Scopus vite Christi | Signum Johannis

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Poisoning by Oxalic Acid. — Mr. Temple records the case

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his own representations. The Board would, of course, consider

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and the organ shrinks in size, and becomes like the cricket

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have described certain states which have been denominated fever,

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contracted white kidney, which have died suddenly from acute

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vantage will be derived? Colliquative diarrhoea is very generally

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19, 4 v c . has a vacant space, 4X3f, probably intended for a picture.

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On the back board (in a XVI. -XVII. Cent, hand): Howell Da his lawes.

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the Ticinus and Trebia] N PARTE | OPERIS | MEI LI | GET MI | HI PRE | FARI [

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xvii, 1. made (with xvi, 1.), xvii, 2. attached (over xvi, 2.). 44, 6. (fol. 350) is a half