The urine is first filtered, and a drop or two of the nitric-nitrous acid is

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Definition. — An acute superficial inflammation of the pharyngeal

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may be due either to colitis or to peritonitis, and may be referred to the

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consequence of the glandular degeneration of the renal epithelium asso-

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and retinal hyperesthesia may supervene. The pupils may be unnaturally

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normal morphologic constituents are present in great quantity, a more or

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sult a doctor. An absolute diagnosis demands, besides the subjective

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collateral fibers ; hrc, collateral reflex of posterior column ; src, collateral reflex of the lateral

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cardiac sensory filaments that are given off chiefly from the pneumo-

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secured in one of two ways: (1) rectal feeding; (2) gastrostomy, if the

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