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the physician engaged in his daily routine of business
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lower limbs were also curved in opposite directions,
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in which it originates, and to study the character-
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of the aorta. When the ductus arteriosus itself is closed or con-
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quent diminution or loss of its protecting power, in
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the patient exhausted to the last degi'ee. On March
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balance of subscriptions paid or promised, after the
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provide against misfortune. How often does the dis-
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their Fellowship, unless they choose to pay the penalty
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from dilatation. Here, too, there was found abnormal narrowness
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schools of medicine. He alluded to the vast field of
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state of practice is very different now, when fistula
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of their workmen, working at the wet and di-y wheel
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which have indicated the existence of this condition, may entirely
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painful conviction, that my patient's condition had
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used-up air from within'"; " the personal cleanliness
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some instances, exert on the material frame both in
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almost always present at this time, and in certain diseases attended
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chest-disease. His father lives, and has always been
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now ; and I question if it was, even when the type of
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called in to give opinion during, not after, the trial.
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the precui-sor of a later and even more unfavourable
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pulmonary artery. The ductus arteriosus and the foramen ovale
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before the end of many days, may be able to receive
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quassia is dropped into the wound ; the body should
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attracted the attention of some of the most eminent
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with spice and butter, and potted, and consider it equal to the
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present epizootic disease in all its stages. Although
itself in the British Isles, though, in numerous in-
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cholera excretions infiltrating into wells have pro-