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mon. The liver and the spleen are often enlarged and fatty. Letzreich

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in septicsemia. It may be circumscribed or diffused. The gangrenous

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in its early stage are hot anodyne poultices over the precordial space in con-

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throws a greatly diminished blood current into the aorta. ^ The auricular

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locally, or certain constitutional conditions. The tissue changes

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presenting numerous vegetations. Scattered abscesses in the lungs were found in this case.

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mata. Frequently the onset of the rash is attended by a chill, high

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Chronic lobular pneumonia differs from acute in the severity rather

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up any wound-secretion or discharge. An antiseptic or aseptic gauze

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and suppurative. In adhesive pylephlebitis there is more or less extensive

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Symptoms. — Those who suffer from torpor of the liver complain of lassi-

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muscular coat, or to atheroma or degeneration of their walls. The aorta

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is very distressing ; the patient restrains it as much as possible on account