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The need for greater refinement in the classification
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14 'Postpartum Metastatic Panopbtbalmitis, with a Clinical and
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$1.00 net. Chicago: G. P. Engelhard & Co., 1901.
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from each series, which I believe will be sufficient to
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often below this. Cabot gives 1.000,000 as the average
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ciated with animal parasites, and we should in fact
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syncope. It took some time before she rallied. I was
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toms of this are loss of thirst, the cessation of pain, a
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the original motion, and the motion as amended was carried.
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profession, concerning its educational, legal and sani-
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both internal and external will be considered later.
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deduced by McCrae: 1. About two-fifths of the patients are free
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Quarantine, and directed to proceed to Detroit, Mich., and assume
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Movements of Army Medical Officers under orders from the
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Reports of 19 cases dating from 1893, with description of the
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His method of treatment is as follows: Begin with the con-
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along the lines of our present conclusions in these cases.
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sized,, round, hard, retromaxillary gland. I have to
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a house with grounds for a quarantine station. Quarantine,
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of the cases reported Weymann infers: "1. That ribbon-like
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