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that the irritation of the stomach will produce violent cerebral symptoms, and

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'•Medical writers/' he remarks, '-designate by the term precursory symptoms,

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The theory that infantile paralysis is a "contagious" disease was

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idea of the actual effect of our therapeutic measures.

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Dr. R. C. Cabot: Has the reaction been tried with blood serum?

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a fall in venous pressure, and that a fall in arterial pressure is asso-

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could be demonstrated in either the stool or urine, urobilin was

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Are there any observations recorded in the full paper as to the value

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The blood-pressure falls, the pulse becomes weak and small, the

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ed a new plan for the removal of sequestra without an operation, in the Journal

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headache; constipation; at times, paroxysmal dyspnea. She cannot eat

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Electric Examination. Marked decrease in electric excitability without

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and insisted on Dr. Williams being called in, as well as any other medical man

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Analysis was conducted at great length and memories covering

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in regard to the particular character of the diseases which they de-

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awaken this emotional complex which expressed itself outwardly