present almost identical characteristics upon various culture-media. Par-

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Pathology. — The lesions are identical in character with those of

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control of the nerve-centres, which are connected on the one hand by

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their grade, and with separate taps on the outside of the cart

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adorn. James Tyson, the Professor of Clinical Medicine at

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of the medulla oblongata. When the latter is irritated, the small

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have a very efficient apparatus for the latter work. My expe-

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As stated, the bacilli reach the kidneys with the blood-stream, producing

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cutaneous vessels, followed a protracted and intense application of cold

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ally strong individual. The absence of friction in this faulty technique

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good reason to believe that a pathogenic germ or germs may

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sumption, and in a few days all were discharged and returned

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ing-water and to hygienic improvements. In the same city the mor-

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well as to the apex of the opposite lung, the lower lobe of the primary

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this point. With the fact lost sight of that the chief element contrib-

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tumor from the parotid region in a man, and did it gracefully,

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Younc children are not exempt, and cases among them are of rather

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murmur becomes exceedingly weak, and later an abundance of subcrepi-

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sure relations in the entire vascular system, as has been shown.

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augurate an active hydrotherapy as soon as he descries the slightest