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calomel followed by a saline draught. In lacunar tonsillitis with high

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than many of us imagine. Many of its people attach such importance

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Anatjinical instruction and private dissection will form a prominent part in the study ofthe pupils.

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checking the profuse salivation. It should be given frequently in small

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insomnia, are all symptoms of most evil omen. Coma must be regarded as

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Formation of a JVew Eyelid. — In the October number of the Britidk

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Those of us who visit the Old World must expect a kindly reception

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requires a certain range for its action. That is, it is improper in all the

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made some spasmodic movements after birth, but could not be resusci-

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from the inferior thyroid veins on the front of the trachea and from the

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obstruction must be in the trachea and due to contraction of its wall or

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from the goitrous district, or the boiling of all drinking-water, may be

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He declined the aid of counsel. His landlord had noticed nothing re-

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headache, furred tongue, disturbed bowels, and bronchial catarrh. In such

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unite the anterior wound by the interrupted suture.

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prominent, the splenic tissue retracting on section, and have to be distin-

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sanious pus. In short, all the remedies usual in such cases have been

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Gangrenous ergotism is initiated by patches of anaesthesia or by redness

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the road side, and felt as if pins were run into all parts of his body.

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allowing the fluid to radiate from all points of their surfaces with the

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sanious pus. In short, all the remedies usual in such cases have been

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The death of Barton Booth, and of others, has been ascribed to the

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morphia is the only remedy which is efficient in severe cases, although

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The coexistence of the variolous and vaccine diseases was equally as

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Shell-Fish, as mussels and oysters, may, during the lifetime of the

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years, and this draws attention to them. They are generally diagnosed as