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Dr. Matthew Taylor has published b the results of some experi-

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admitted into the Mater Misericordia 1 Hospital, where the younger

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Adverse Reactions: Theophylline may exert some stimu-

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activities of daily living within 10 days following surgery.

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imperatively demands. The symptoms are urgent and alarming,

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1 capsule or teaspoonful syrup three or four times daily. Infants Vi

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Health Data Corporation to date and are very optimistic about the

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This was the only forceps case I had in private practice ; if I had used

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continue to Sunday, May 27. The House of Delegates will

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In general, the data in the present survey, as well as

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congestion of the parts about the vessels than usual, and there was

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Hence, our responsibility often is to influence the

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share of wine daily. The patient had three several attacks of rheumatic

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cases disease of the central lobe extending to the hemispheres has

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modern man. 28 Probably the most noted report was the

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duction. In this case, however, the section of the tumour, the

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borne children, but had suffered the last two years from retroflexion of

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speakers (left to right): Drs. James Cottrell; William McCormick; Albert Rhoton Jr., Frank Mayfield; Lyerly;

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the village.” He and Bear proposed that the doctors work


lysis, growth inhibition, and morphologic differentiation.

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can benefit from hemodilution and/or intraoperative