the mortality compared to the morbidity, is still for England as high
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ment for some weeks to be sure of benefit. In these affections it is very
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This, however, cannot always be regarded as an insuperable objection,
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with medkrine as a profession, I still tak^ an interest in the progress of
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aortic valves Avere ruptured by a fall, and infective endocarditis super-
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the vessels, and the exhibition of the ordinary accompaniments of in-
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usually slight, such as a strain, too long or too great pressure on a part,
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up to take his medicine, we need have no fear of his becoming narcotised.
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imperfect observation usually take their place. The reputed action of
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during labour. A large number of observers have examined the vaginal
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regards the period of defervescence, it is as clearly shown that the fall of
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Secretary of the Treasury had been magnetized, he would never have
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readiness in case of vomiting after the anaBsthetic.
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clinically allied to them, are encountered occasionally in the case of
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organisms or of its own toxin to produce the fatal spasms. Nor can the
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— indeed, he never did rally thoroughly, for his hands and feet remained
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nerve endings, passes readily through the epidermis ; so too does aconi-
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were taught by him for the first time that fever was not an over-activity,
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great majority of medical men who have been in the habit of employing
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alence must be due to some meteorological influence ; but the favouring
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up to the most profuse sweats. Moreover, as with other features of the
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in white cells that have migrated from the blood (Lewis).
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Attempts have been made to cure pneumonia, erysipelas, puerperal
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organisms may be examined stained or unstained ; but it seems to me that
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presence, multiplication, and specific vital activities of the bacteria
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a slight and ill-defined form of sickness, marked principally by headache,