vessels dipping into which are often found to be tortuous and degenerated. ■
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or other of these factors is absent or unknown, and in such cases, while
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(&) Well-marked changes (cirrhosis 2, lipomatosis 1, atrophy with
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of connective tissue, although the parts first affected form finally dense
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catgut are difficult to cover up in these emaciated infants and
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In industry the successful use of electricity has depended entirely
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(1) it stimulates the vagus nerves and thus causes a slight sinus
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times a more powerful counter-irritant, the lin. crotonis, is employed, but
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incidence is different. Rheumatism certainly does not diminish the
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In the later stages of a bronchitis with a dry, thick secretion,
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repeated do not, as a rule, do well. Haemoptysis in the later stages is
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the Academy of Sciences, that notwithftandingtliefe
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lumen of the duodenum much like the os uteri in the vagina. The blood-
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cardia ; pigmentation of the face, and perhaps numerous spots or stains
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the symptoms by having recourse to large doses of powerful narcotics.
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anatomical detail plainly indicate that they are not this parasite. The
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track is that which forms when a stone ulcerates from the duodenal end
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in those cases which are sequels of acute rheumatism. The temperature is
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fepiirated from her foal, Ihe will rufli tlirdugh flames
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grains twice daily, was necessary to produce a commencement of
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Pathology. — Gout is associated with the presence in the blood of an
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of March 2 jioints out that the success which has attended its
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countries, we fhall find *, that the Grecian horfes,
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parts, and particularly in feveral of the provinces of
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weak or irregular, one should try to increase their strength and
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all round is a necessity, not only of the hands of those who cut up the
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all the difeafes of cattle; Morborum qiioque te cau/as
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amount of hot water, may be used in the morning before breakfast,
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latent cases, increasing emaciation and debility mark the progress of
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remains the head of the advancing intussusceptum. In rare cases (the
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the intestine allows bile, but not the gallstone, to pass into the gut. Death
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There is no doubt that a difiicult breech extraction properly carried