culosis may enable the one time tuberculous soldier
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class, the prognosis and treatment of which dift'er
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administer nostrums, whether these are put forth under a real
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sinuses. In gynecological work, xylol-iodine or xylol-
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ulcer as well as the perforation is effective in de-
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constitution good, and her bodily health, in other respects, un-
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cal methods of control of hemorrhage : for example.
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ble diseases ; information concerning the existence
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by any happy results. Arsenical prei'arations, even
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sists in avoiding heavy exercise, sexual excitement,
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found to make the nearest approach to that of man is the pig ;
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mended by Chapman and Burton,) a practice that may be
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permanently displaced ; that a severe and dangerous pelvic in-
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ances this amount is diminished and it is dimiitished
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localized focus of infection in a certain section of
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22d, Dr. George W. Stanbridge, aged forty-eight years.
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brief review will permit. It is to be regretted that
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46 Dr. Collins on Artificial Dilatation of the Mouth
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twelve months after the onset of the socalled func-
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avail themselves of pasture for their cattle, descend into the plains,
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hibited this antiscorbutic property, so that appar-
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perature was mentioned in connection with the fatal issue, it
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livery is in order, either the application of instru-
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the patient often objects to the use of the needle.
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Associate in X.'rology and Venereal Diseases, St. Mark!s Hospital.
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e, induce sterility ; f , disturb tubal and ovarian in-
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same analogies will be at once perceived on comparing the se-
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ness of spine, that pain of side, or chest, or abdomen, or cough,
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management of the various forms of shock. The treatment of
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water hammer t^'pe. In spite of this severe cardiac
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The cases we more particularly allude to, are, where the
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inoculation of blood from cases of measles. In their
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as a Iheraiicutic agent, a fairly definite consensus
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beds, where he was bathed, given tetanus antitoxin,
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nature was necessary because spores of the Bacillus
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objectively and subjectively entirely relieved of their
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fullest restoration of circulation and is probably one
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woman seventy-two years of age, was allowed her first interview.
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5. Le mercure loin d'etre un remede specifique contre les accidens de la sy-