occasionally an emetic, with a view to cleanse the stomach, but found little
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44. Bence Jones's Albumosuria. — In the first case reported
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cover and those who do not were doomed in any event. Dilata-
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class, which numbers seventy students, has contributed $50
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remedial agents, too much neglected in works on therapeutics, but to which
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A lady in this vicinity, who had never borne a child, was requested to
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be the definition of local and limited disease within the
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ests by divulging their processes in many instances by patent-
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Clinical Proressor of Laryngology In the University of
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contents are less in bulk tlian is required to produce the distension necessary
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genius that might otherwise have slumbered; to no fosterincr patronao-e
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large quantity of purulent matter; the cheek much excoriated from the dis-
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try : W. Dudley, asst.-surgeon 32d Infantry ; John Carlln, 85tb
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been subject to what he termed a "great heat in his head." No vomit-
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On Thursday, Oct. 22d, at 11 a. m.. Dr. Coates present, the patient was
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common than has been supposed, amounting to about 50 per
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into the interior of the vessels, occasions the obliteration of the reticular
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He considers these sales great disseminators of disease, and
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covered in the ascending aorta; it was about a quarter of a line in length,
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Demonstrations." by Dr. Augustin H. Goelet; "Treatment of
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uette to James Taylor Lewis, counsel to the Association, in
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are kept under control. It has been said that elaterium affects different indi-
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other clinical signs in such cases may indicate merely atony
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must be taken into account: the age, power of assimilation of
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which questions. of priority of one sort or another con-
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suffering from deformity of the neck, ankles, fingers and other
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read it, but merely replied, that they could not sanction any exhibition that
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and restriction is indicated and should be accomplished.
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Death 3. — (Inspected February 5) Lee Kee, middle-aged China-
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habit of growth is inaugurated, the cells continue to grow and
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coming toward them they would frequently attack them
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but for the developments of preventive medicine the
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be disturbed, we should remember that the prominent signs of indigestion
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fully compensated. Both labyrinths were then extirpated and
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careful study of the student of history, so fully did
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