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was a very definite ridge, there was never any redness. Several of the

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than with the class last alluded to ; indeed, deaths

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I'll enz\ me present in pancri'atic juice, calleil ///)</.<<, accelerates the

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Cystin occurs in acid urine (Fowler, Prout, von Eberts).

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In many cases there is excessive fluid in the joints, especially the wrists,

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,is a whole as in heart diseasi'. oi- to local ])h\sical ;ilterations in the vas-

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^toInneh; CD the rate at whieh dilTerent foods are disehar-e.l; CI) the

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suiMC of the zymogen firannles riii occasionally be seen in the lumen of

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' BuU. de Vacad. de mid., 1903, 3 s., xlix, 299. ' Ihid., p. 532.

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! ■-.; '<] lli.iK-im <1 i > i iritiu lit Ii. -li v. l!,.il tin -b.i.to;!, |.tf^-iin .U ]., ii-K ..rt tin- .!.i>ti.if\

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Iniiiiaii (.'astric juii-e, wiieii titrated witli one of tliese indicators, nivos

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by adding to it some substance that would act as a toxic irritant as it came in

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capsule than in the inflanmiatory form. Many of the Malpighian bodies

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Ear, Observations on the Physiology and Pathology of the 422

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same patient shows an implication of the muscles of the extremities and the

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this procedure is less difficult, less harmful, and just as useful as ureteral

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is only when tin' luiionietrie ]ires>nre is the same that the pirciiihuir of

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better to ^ve the patient the benefit and advise removal. This shoidd be

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* See the excellent study of R. S. Lavenson, "Acute Insufficiency of the Supra^

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Dana, in 1903, differentiated the cases recorded as paramyoclonus multi-

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festation. The most marked features are pain and disabilitv. Pain is not

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Age. — ^The incidence of the disease is most frequent in the third decade.

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■ iiu'e and tear the capillarv wall and sd lead to lieiiKirrhaire. If these

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taken fioni dilTerent individuals or from the sanu> individual nii'!-

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the sarcoma was the original tumor, carcinomatous change then occurring,

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fluids sometimes given these patients is not so clear as one might suppose,

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Pvlse. — ^This shows an increase in the rate in the majority of cases. In

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''i'' i«-iilt tlial at tii-s| iiKiiT 111 I Is s,|ii,>.vc.l into llio flinrnx anrl lli.

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first described by Blocq in 1888 as a morbid state "in which the impossi-

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ture of the hypophysis and adrenal and the occurrence of chromaffin tissue

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initiated, aiul |)asses aloni; the ascending; colon preceded liy the usual

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