Dr. B. G. Babington has analysed the fluid with great care, and states its

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were found in the urine, and those symptoms which go with

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Thus that observation confirms also the remainder of the law. — p. vi.

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ophthalmic literature in the Annals of Ophthalmology, in the

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in the period of incubation might be considered another

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ries were again perceptible; consciousness and the power of speech were

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withdrawal from the establishment. The professors of the college, as well

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potassa, and two ounces of camphor mixture, to be taken in the intervals;

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It was aBout the size and thickness of half a large orange, and of so firm a

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regard to these troublesome disorders, hitherto in England ranked among

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tion is limited again to those cases where the com-

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entitle the holder to admission to the university courses of

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We will next consider the theory of the muscularity of the iris. The

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to seven ounces. Some allowance sHbuld also be made for the

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died April 5, after an illness of five years, aged 50.

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from the mucous membrane, was detached portions of a tape-worm. He

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volume before us is entirely occupied with the ovum, and intra-uterine

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Practice ; and Dr. Lee to the Chair of Materia Medica, in this nascent insti-

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Her labours were pretty easy. Her husband was in the habit of beating

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Dysentery.—During the month of August, this disease was epidemic in

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Ue has recently returned, complaining of great stiffness in the

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perivascular spaces of the central vessels also afi'ord a means

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geons, New York, 1892, died March 11. aged 31. He went to

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Pathogenesis and Treatment of Obesity. Debove. — If

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indulgence in the use of food is most commonly injurious, and that the

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infection in animals or in man where the ureter has been im-

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eral enteroptosis — described by Glenard. Traumatism

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weight of the food ; the hydrocarbons or fats need to be

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six cases the marriages were childless ; in two there was

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men employed were properly qualified. I believe no,

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used, the complaint having been removed by internal remedies. Whether

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Ue has recently returned, complaining of great stiffness in the

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resignation of Dr. Elliotson was immediately accepted by the council of