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Dr. Armstrong then moved a resolution on the sale of
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able from diphtheria." Such conditions are found in the
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following case ; the patient is here to-night, and the facts
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cinated, we were obliged to retire without one lodger having
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for the above case showed that the other connective tissues
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hold will be very firm, and the extraction of the foreign body
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when fixed in the nose or pharynx ; but in the case of a leech
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porting, and often have to support families, the percent-
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position of pathology was that of empiricism controlled by
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but a general blush quickly appeared; and in places, especially on the
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headache, as it did in Newton's case. An individual may
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whicli he attributed simple life ; but the necessities of patho-
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obtained credit for what would liave been brouglit about by
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We are relieved from the duty of expressing any opinion
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they are later on, and at the decline of tliose outbreaks infec-
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of the retirement of Surgeon-Major-General J. Pinkerton.
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lastly susceptibility is a relative term, not constant in itself
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some specially predisposed persons poisonous efl'ects, even when used
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phenomena of the protoplasm of the corpuscles themselves ;
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quantity of the urine, its specific gravity, or the urea; per-
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Small-voi in Cumberland. -Sw W.Foster, in answer to Mr. Hopwoon,
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selling price, size and number of pages, and illustration'.
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their proper complement of trained regimental stretcher-bearers the
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Aurelio de Lelli, a distinguished Spanish artist. Some of
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A simpler form of disinfector, in which steam at' aiinb-
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ing the infection. Finally, 1 animal received the dose of 20
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with logwood, and the sections were all equally and highly
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tVieir duties, and the poor sufTered in consequence. On those
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suggestions. For instance, one may so thoroughly agree with
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the larynx and upper part of the trachea. In these latter