in ovarian, suprarenal or similar functioning, with a predisposition
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occur in the case of a very small aneurysm of the size of a pea or
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of insanity, though recurrent mania and general paralysis also occur.
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though thoroughly utilized by the charlatan — will be brought to bear
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ate eggs daily, and this may have happened in a considerable number
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fragments which have ganglia attached are more readily excited to
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ings together with the symptoms and signs pointed to acromegaly and the
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tubing with thick walls, but of fine caliber, and yet sufficiently large
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near the surface of the body, are liable to attacks of lymphangitis,
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March showed complete dissociation (Fig. 11). This dissociation, unlike that
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On February 25 the patient received three doses of 0.1 gm. each of theocin.
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(6) to the lower extremities (Friedreich). Irradiation occurs chiefly
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vein. This condition is recognized under the name of venous sclerosis,
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attacks of syncope. No disease of the heart or other organs could be
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learned later in our experience that comparisons between the permea-
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ceiling was about to crush them. They believe themselves doomed,
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The data given indicates that in a severe anemia renal function, as
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Corps, U. S. Army, has been detailed to this work continuously, except
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as the phase of suffering has passed ; then larger doses (four or five
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Connective Tissue*. — In one case examined by Halliburton i0 the
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both pathology and experience, but where the symptoms are slight
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expressed in the number of cubic centimeters of tenth-normal alkali
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onset at age of 6 months. During our field investigations we made a
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Fig. 2. — Acute nephritis. Case 2. The series of columns give the amount
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flutter has been frequently observed ; iri fact the administration of large
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portion of the auriculoventricular node, showed an increase in length
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tendency to have it again which must not be lost sight of. In such,
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If the axiom that " like causes, under like circumstances, produce
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Studies on the Coagulation Time of the Whole Blood. — The coagu-
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for the last fifteen years, indicated the differences in the fatality of
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A distinct endarteritis in the meningeal arteries proceeding to the
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circulation was considered. In this group are the phlebitis of anae-
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regurgitation. The remaining had an average load between 100 and
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by 6 mgm. after an interval of forty-eight to ninety-sis hours. The
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tachycardia unless due to pre-existing causes, and such dilatation is
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the wall of the thorax, which it may erode, as in the example cited.
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some time this degree of hypertension, a percentage very similar to that
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