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^o prevent this change. It is an imitation of the antihectic myrrh mix-

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called gentianin, on which its tonic properties depend; a peculiar

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result of an over-exercise and consequent exhaustion of the vital forcca,

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the conjoint prostration from excessive doses of the two narcotics. To

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vamixed. or diluted with 50 per cent, or less of atmospheric air. it causes

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perhaps of opium, which might tend to retard or prevent vomiting. In

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this difference depends, not on any essential diversity of character, but

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opium would be rejected. The possession of this property sufficiently

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menstruum. Ether and olive oil each dissolves about four grains to the

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By the term alcohol, as before stated, the U. S. Pharmacopoeia recog-

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was probably much the more efficacious of the tw*o. (Hufeland** Journ,

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The South Coast does not, from the causes mentioned,

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Several other gura-rcsins, having properties analogous to those of as*

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rent of a certain duration, are unable to furnish that continuity and

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