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The degree of Master in Surgery was conferred on : —

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Sick-Room, Dr. Strange describes, in seven chapters,

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to flow; the needle may become blocked; the pericardium may be

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goes hypertrophy ; when the obstruction is in the lungs, whether

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lieve that it was again being extensively practised.

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nition of this fact that led Laennec to put the proper estimate upon

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the health of Mr. Ebbage, the local Secretary, having

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as September 6th, 1805, and who is in his 83rd year.

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nerves which he has examined. (Gaz. Med. de I'aris,

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enough ; and it is applicable to all written laws. But,

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Rastric juice" and the method which he adopted to prove that the

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only in reducing Dr. Pereira's work to a convenient

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cial calling, must form a large share of the founda-

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