in the afternoon, the German fire was turned in another direction, and
was due to the distribution of milk from a particular dairy. At first he
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decorations, that theymight not fall into the enemy's hands. Heand other
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profession; and every year, it may be hoped, will increase its energy in
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throat and nose, and in the scales which are thrown off from the skin.
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ions and versions ; although, on examination, I have found that these
fought in the front ranks of this movement, and who may be relied on
mand the joint. The dorsal carpal artery was exposed, cut through,
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frequency. On August 1st, Mr. Bell .applied the trephine (the patient
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if I were to sit down contenting myself simply with announcing
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loosening a stitch ; it will be found to consist of fluid bloody exudation.
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His state on admission was this : there was in each cornea an opacity
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I. Except in the cases and instances hereinafter provided for to the
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fought in the front ranks of this movement, and who may be relied on
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also shown, which proved the tissue to be true bone.
January 24th, April 4th, May 2nd, July Iith, July 25lh, 1S71.
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ENNISKILLEN UNION, co. Fermanagh- Medical Officer for the Lisbellaw
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diffidence, fearing that we might fail to receive this influential body in
students, and of promoting pharmaceutical education, last year insti-
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— Dr. Playfair could not agree with Mr. Lowe's statement that re-
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under consideration, yet which in this particular (and most important)
which trephining and non-interference involved. Referring to the patho-
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babilities of such a change, it needs to be borne in mind that the Act
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" Mukes from Boodie's", instead of " Books from Mudie's" ; "skinal
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College dined together at St. James's Hall on Monday evening, after
bed. — Dr. Candlish, in cases where it was not objectionable to move
there was a good deal of "distension", and the bowels were confined.
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meeting shall be held, when the General President, Treasurer, and
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MORVEN, Argyleshire— Parochial Medical Officer; applications, Oct. isL
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lieve the wards. Of course there were many amongst these new cases
become acquainted with what w'as prescribed for him, while his ex-
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3869); James Reoch (MA. Edin.), Scotland; James Turnbull Richardson,
who had been attacked in that covert manner by Dr. Bell. \_Applause,
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Around this opening, the choroid and sclerotic adhere very intimately,
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that district being the one least affected by the epidemic.
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heartily for that mark of respect towards him, and it had always been
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the Syphilitic. Children are admitted into both the Medical and
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reverence to the teachers from whom he learned the art, — promised
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stance, with sound lungs. The very bracing and more powerful sea-air
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the preceding. The dressing was renewed at first daily, and then at
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