tory pathologist ; John Burroughs writes entertain-
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Fig. I. — I — Overhead track. 1 — Track on floor. J and 4 — Uprights
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because of its rarity, it might be dismissed forth-
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years of age, another a thin, nervous little woman,
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an extract containing the alcohol soluble substance
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pupillary border much more rare ; rupture in the continuity of the mem-
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The author claims for it the following advantages :
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quickly dissolved in a little hot water and added to
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it and convert it into a quiescent tubercle. If this
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many cases. But the adaptation, if it be such, is here usually of a very
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was administered by which time the autogenous vaccine
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to Mount Sinai Hospital in July, 1896. Considerable pyuria and an
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dark beer in cases of chlorosis. One pint should be consumed daily ;
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to find some evidence of this in the class of cases mentioned.
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not talk of her husband, her married life endently not
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judge for himself. The knowledge that is placed before him must be,
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lar prescription went amiss ; the ointment acted as
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brain, and the records of any considerable aural clinic to-day, with its
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tain sacrifice, it was decided to remove the entire organ
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told to "cross-examine the heart" in croupous pneumonia (page 320),
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medical profession and an army can be only justly used by comparing
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Gordell. Ben Lawrence. Charles Field, Tom Prince, Dick Bowling. . . . Nol Picliired:
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enteen days' leave of absence from August 11, 1910,
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6. Infections of intact soft tissues of the oral and
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to the linea semilunaris. The fibres of the external oblique are thus cut
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is able to dissolve new^ erythrocytes of both cattle
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following officers were elected for the ensuing year : Presi-
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ous topics both as to quantity and quality of material.
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ing, and diarrhoea; but, after a short time, this severity subsides, and tume-
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quent and more widely distributed over the left side
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is followed in the dog by a great rise of blood-pressure, which the experi-
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hand^^, neck, back, and legs at the r-ame titae. In Japan and also in Switzer-
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macists, as it is, of course, a pharmacological sub-
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author's operation of choice is Porro's, on account of its rapidity of
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in reference to the tilted Listing plane, and then the
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that the oscillations are shorter. In its action upon the respiratory system
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area a definite quadrilateral shape. Under normal conditions this area is
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small lymphocytes. 7; large lymphocytes, 19; polynuclear
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edgc no obligation to reviciv them all. Nevertheless, so