G. W. Jaundice had been present for two weeks before the esti-
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An analysis of such a type of material has obvious defects as well
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clinical diagnosis in these cases. I have done this because the
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1 am now prepared to treat ])uiicnts of both sexes labouring under every
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growths on each shaft. Tibiae thickened at upper ends. The fibulae show
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and where complete relief was obtained by the simple process of extracting a
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1005, containing 2.2 gms. per liter of albumin (Tsuchiya). It contained
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The curves produced by the sera from patients affected with
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combating the various factors concerned might be made evident.
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Dr. V. C. Vaughan: The results of Dr. Gay's work are confirmatory
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he was attacked with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the lungs,
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26 the temperature dropped to 99°. * He still was incontinent and very
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17.2 per cent, mononuclear cells, 49.2 per cent, polynuclears,
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It is extremely doubtful whether calomel, in any doses, is capable of pro-
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• •• '*i*fi«***!f»** ••••#• r~ >
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(d) ar-ray interpretation in 19 cases sent for plates when gland
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child, which lived two hours, the lungs were ten grains heavier than
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to pass through narrow openings or around obstructions in the
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is from measles. That disease was particularly contagious, and I had
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tion, that tlie serous effusion was one of the consequences of this congestion,
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subsequently be regained, notwitlisianding the division of all its nerves ; and
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arises from the irritation of the bronchial membrane spreading hy continuity of
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October 5. Slight hemorrhage today. This patient eventually left the
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the large areas of necrosis which lay near the portal spaces were
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been very great, recently succeeded in closing a deficiency in the upper part of a palatine
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The question arose as to the exact significance of the alterations
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cells, 4,880,000; hemoglobin, 83 per cent.; leukocytes, 14,000. Leukocytic
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" In addition to its merits as a professionrd work, it abounds in information intelligible to every ra-