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as possible. Be careful to keep the horse in a healthy
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These anomalous pains have been classed as gouty neuralgia.
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and calves and both feet were cold and perfectly bloodless.
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cise a little will power for a few days. Let one of these
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low electricity there is nothing secret about them. When
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theritic inflammation is always secondary. This form of pharyngitis is
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recommended by Pfahler Transactions of the American
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taining half an ounce of compound tincture of iodine are to be
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the temperature of the part and of the physician s hand should
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tioning certain considerations tending to show that menstrual
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the case was a very bad one and the child was very refractory
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according to whether one or the other evil spirit com
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is driven into the ground is a model of ingenuity. But the plan
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Incubation. The duration of this period varies from twelve hours to
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a scene than which there is none sadder in the whole range of
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digestive canal of birds are the Dispharagus spiralis Disphar
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repeated in a person who has recently passed through one attack. As a
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scarcely a case of that condition in diabetes has been recorded except
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ventricular fibrillation which in turn points toward a lesion of the
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ening of intelligence and memory. Sometimes the patient tries to get
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addicted to a purposeless mischief with a monkey like cunning and
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toms by which the patient has been tormented disappear and are
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with tracking and modifying individual practitioner be
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necrosis. He also draws attention to the curious location of the poisonous
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return. The persistent locahsed loss of function is thus due to
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weighed sixteen ounces their surface was smooth their capsules
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eri ciety of Naturalists the American Society of Morphol
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certainly different and the visible effects upon the patient are
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tenuated form that they are in fact important excretory glands
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Complications in the Pleura. As already mentioned a dry pleurisy
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opposite side or that in peritonitis the abdominal respiration
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Filehne has produced protrusion of the eyeballs en
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