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an inch. These tissues were permeated with a network of channels

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illustration that the amount of fat in the urine is not strictly propor-

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part of the unguentum iodi (British Pharmacopoeia) with two to three

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where. In the course of a few days the swellings reach their height and then

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That in the tertiary stage a parent may suffer severely and yet

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leg, while on the paralyzed side of the face all three superficial sensations

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acute, aortitis ; Lancereaux observed that in twenty cases in which there

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cases which have manifested symptoms of angina pectoris the treat-

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estimated by the Kjeldahl-Gunning method. Ammonia was deter-

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angina pectoris, hyperthyroidism, cerebral hemorrhage, and cirrhosis

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phlorizin glycosuria may, however, be briefly stated as follows.

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onstrate no constant relation between the globulin and immune body

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we have previously stated, we regard this disparity not as evidence of

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lar\ resistence. The same series of fluids was tested. The figures in

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embolism associated with fractures, notably delirium followed by coma,

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It must be remembered that a systolic murmur over the site of

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crease in size to overcome the difficulty. As, however, the muscular

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commonly tlie products of disease within the vessel act as foreign

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fore, represented the deaths of both sexes, namely, 236,973, or nearly

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the extinction ratio, it was felt to be highly desirable to determine this

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a fixation suggestive of advanced nephritis and lead to a prognostic

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of England and Wales, were arranged in two tables, one for males and

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7. Sansom, A. E. : Diagnosis of Diseases of the Heart and Thoracic Aorta. Lon-

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dence of acidosis was shown by the alveolar air study and the soda

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indicate any mononuclear phagocytic cell, has been restricted by H. M. Evans 1 "'

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epilepsy should be considered as an independent disease, a " maladie

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escapes in this way in considerable quantity, as the penetration of

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there was strong pulsation in the carotid arteries. In 1828 Adel-

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up to the age of puberty, if not up to the menopause.

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