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made repeated reference to the cervical fascia, as binding down

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turns. At the beginning of the inhalation the inner opening may be fully exposed and

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symptom, and not a cause of the disease. How often did they see a

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again at 35, the third time at 45, the prognosis can be

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the ensuing 18 years, Orthopaedic Surgery has reached

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National regulatory agencies long have codified the

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referred to in his paper. In that case the mode of examination which

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(1975); Book of Golden Deeds Award of the Exchange Club of West

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the causes of chronic uterine inflammation and its results, as well as to

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Chairman for the Scientific Program, said the Section on

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allow M.D.’s on probation by the Board to retain some

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squeezing, as well as the prolonging of the operation, more than

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In radio, 40% of the stations in Florida are now using

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A BOARD ELIGIBLE INTERNIST looking for a position in

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pound) infant gets about two thirds of his calories from

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Eubanks, M.D., Clearwater; Alex J. Furst, M.D., Miami;

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owing to narrowing of the transverse diameter, both being primiparas, 1

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remission occurs. Such patients should not have access to large quantities of the drug. Hospitalize

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the increased carbonate content of the teeth of the

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on the bodily functions by intemperance ; in other words, the symptoms and

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he had just mentioned. Another very remarkable instance was due to

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102°. 0, respiration 36. There was theu very profuse perspiration, the

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first weeks of pregnancy ; fifteen times at the end of the first month ;

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radiation therapy techniques in the past two decades. As

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A- the uterine disease progresses the patient's general health becomes

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international quality of both readers and diseases.

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that opening ; but the meatus urinarius and the anus were in complete

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struated. She had never had the slightest menstrual molimen, and had