lateral jointline and a Kirschner wire or nerve hook can be
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forward in the replies I received in reference to this point will completely
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should be carefully monitored. Titration of dose or discontinuance of
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thiazide alone, restrict K+ intake Associated widened
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supply to the public institution referred to by him was a constant supply
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and produced its local effect. Suppose they could apply the same test
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been caught “wrongly.” Occasionally such calls would
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Table 1. — Income and Educational Level of Miami MRFIT
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very aware of these external stimuli and often rejection
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admitted to a hospital as soon as possible Treatment is symptomatic an
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weigh 7 kg less than a comparative group of age-matched
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and pain, causes multiple interrelated changes in the
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may be distressingly real for the patients. In these cases, a
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INJECTABLE: To reduce the possibility of venous thrombosis, phlebitis, local
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implicating nerve roots within the spinal foramen. The
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The essential yet economical coverage from this plan can provide benefits up to $5,000 monthly for
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similar changes occur in the fatty acid composition of
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The most severe manifestation of chronic intoxications is psychosis,
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\ controlled, multicenter study assessed the efficacy of
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of overdosage. Reports suggest that Tenuate may increase convul-
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Practice Act, legislation concerning cost containment,
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glycemia and glycosuria (diabetic insulin requirements
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large doses of brandy, which did not aggravate his nervous symptoms but
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vulsants, consider carefully pharmacology of agents employed;
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Infants and children who are growing rapidly require
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bocytopenia, agranulocytosis, and aplastic anemia have
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contribution to the Surgery of the Neck. His experience of the
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Laparoscopy Course, Apr. 23-24, University Hospital, Jacksonville.
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real action of the heart, which is to maintain the difference of tension in
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die. This has been reported in a number of diseases,